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Experience has made these projects successful. Be part of it.

Executive & B2B Interviews:

We conducted 35 minute telephone interviews with Oil & Gas executives in 17 different countries. The interviews were conducted in 7 different languages and across all time zones.

250 Canadian Business owners completed an online study regarding their corporate credit card usage and their opinions related to loyalty programs and usage of personal vs corporate credit cards.

We interviewed 50 executives in US government departments regarding their enterprise resource applications.

We recruited four focus groups of first responders who come into contact with Hazardous Materials, specifically we recruited senior firefighters, transportation companies and port authority staff.

For a professional association, we recruited university and college professors and administrators to discuss issues of branding and marketing communication as it related to attracting students and recent graduates to the program.

We interviewed 250 executives in mines, construction sites and municipalities regarding their usage of off-highway trucks.

We conducted 20 minute telephone interviews with 200 respondents at public service answering points regarding the systems and applications they are using.

We recruited interior design professionals for extensive face to face interviews including an in-store shopping experience.

We conducted 80 interviews with owners, operators and drivers of 18 wheel trucks regarding their refrigeration units.


We recruited doctors, directors of infection control, hospital administrators and lawyers to complete an online survey. This study was conducted with a tight turnaround and with a tight budget.

For a pharmaceutical company, we conducted 40 face to face interviews with family practioners.

We conducted interviews with 50 pharmacists regarding the distribution and their recommendations for an OTC medication.

We recruited 30 Oncologists to participate in two hour interviews regarding breast cancer treatments.

We conducted face to face interviews with 20 cardiologists regarding issues of blood pressure medication, arrhythmia and congestive heart failure.

We conducted 15 interviews with surgeons and surgical nursing staff regarding surgery technologies.

Consumer Interviews:

For a major financial institution, we conducted 300 interviews via telephone with consumers regarding recent travel and their experience regarding exchanging currencies and travelers cheques.

We asked more than 1,000 Canadians what they think of our client's television, online and newspapers ads. This online survey included multimedia stimulus for several different home improvement retailers.

We talked to 300 consumers in the US and Canada regarding their cable and satellite service and their attitudes towards paying for satellite services.

We recruited several groups of consumers who buy and consume alternate milk products.

We recruited people who have recently renovated their home and/or intend to renovate in the next year. This included a mix of DIYers and those that hire a professional. All participated in in-home interviews and many took part in shop-alongs with a moderator.

On a continuous basis, we conduct interviews with respondents regarding their recent experience with their personal insurance provider and their experience regarding the processing of a recent insurance claim.

For an over-the-counter acne product, we recruited teens and their parents to discuss their experiences with a moderator.

For an automobile manufactuer, we recruited and coordinated car clinics. For these, respondents completed self-administered questionnaires while evaluating 4-6 vehicles.

We conducted more than 20 interviews with denture wearers to help an advertising agencies find a denture wearer for a new testimonial ad.

Employee Interviews:

On a continuous basis, we conduct interviews with employees who have terminated their employment with our client. The interview is 15 minutes in length and often includes sensitive information regarding the employee's personal experience with the firm.

As part of a management measurement tool, employee interviews were conducted with more than 400 employees of a packaged goods company.