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We do it right because we know how.

Field Source is a Canadian research and data collection agency. Doing it right is understanding your needs and using the best approach for your marketing challenges. Being flexible is critical in these tough economic times, Field Source also offers expertise and a wide range of products to help you collect data economically without sacrificing quality.

Consumer Interviews

Does your consumer hide behind their call display? Is privacy management driving up your costs? Call us for cost effective approaches to effectively conduct telephone and face to face interviews with consumers.

Executive Interviewing

Talking to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs about a new product idea? Want to know if you're clients are considering switching to a competitor? Our team of highly skilled interviewers knows how to reach them. We have assembled a group of people whose experience goes beyond the call-center. Our interviewers are retired advertising executives, HR specialists and medical practitioners, who are able to get through to the CEO because they've been there.

Focus Group Recruiting

It takes more than six warm bodies to make a focus group successful. You need recruiting that is bang on and you need to stroll into the facility with the confidence that your recruiter understood what you were looking for. Talk to one of our client service professionals to find out more about our recruiting techniques and for their help on your next group.

Online Surveys & Omnibus

Do you want to ask 1,200 Canadians a few questions? Call us to discuss our Canada Connects and US Connects Omnibus products. Need to speak to 250 small Canadian businesses or 1,000 people who shop in your store? Call us to discuss the easiest and cheapest approach.

Medical Interviews & Recruiting

It's impossible to talk to the doctor today. His secretary is well-versed in techniques to keep patients from talking to the doctor. It takes special skills, knowledge and techniques to get past these highly trained gatekeepers.

Social Networking

User-driven social networks are giving us access to respondents that may be unreachable otherwise as they manage their privacy with care. Talk to us about how we can reach your consumers on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Product & Toy Trials

Talking with children is a challenge. Getting them to participate in a focus group or to try a new toy and then give it back, is a bigger challenge. Our team of trained recruiters knows how to connect with kids and get them excited and energized to take part in your research study.

Taste Tests

We have conducted taste tests with beer, alcoholic beverages and a variety of food categories. Our expertise lies in the flawless execution of this valuable methodology. Have a new product that you want your customers to taste? Give us a call and find out about how our team can get your taste test rolling.

Mystery Shopping

Successful mystery shoppers are able to transition into the specified role easily and comfortably. We will work closely with the client to understand the roles and the products we are shopping. Our mature staff understands the importance of the accuracy of role playing for this methodology. Attention to detail is critical to successfully conduct interviews of this nature, talk to us about our recent mystery shopping experience.

Field Management

Having trouble getting your field work done cost effectively in this economy? We can help. We’ll help you manage your supplier to keep costs down while ensuring the quality of the research isn’t compromised.