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Join us for an interesting, webinar with guest speaker Helen Wanford from the UK. Helen will be speaking about B2B recruiting. Immediately following the webinar, stay tuned for a panel discussion with Sarah Greenberg of Field Source and Nancy Gulland of Maverick Research. To read more about the webinar or to sign up to join us Click here

Sarah Greenberg has joined the marketing committee for the MRIA's 50th anniversary conference. To learn more about the conference go to: http://www.mria-arim.com

Sarah Greenberg is currently a member of the Field Management Group, a committee of the MRIA, to learn about the committee go to: http://www.mria-arim.ca/COMMITTEES/FMG.asp


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Keep Fund Raisers Honest, By: Sarah Greenberg

Since most marketing research depends on the cooperation of respondents, members should ensure a continuing climate of goodwill, responsibility and trust. Respondents should be left positively disposed to marketing research. Therefore, a meticulous standard of good manners should be maintained at all times. Marketing researchers have a direct responsibility to ensure that respondents are in no way embarrassed or hindered in other ways as result of any interview. The purpose of interviewing must be limited to the finding out of information or observation of reactions relevant to the research problem at hand. Read More...

New Demands on Recruiting, By: Sarah Greenberg

There's much talk these days of emerging trends in qualitative research, and from the perspective of a recruiting agency, anticipating these trends requires constant vigilance. There are changes in the mix of clientele, the types of respondents sought (and how they are being recruited), the product categories being researched, and the circumstances in which the research is actually being conducted. It's exciting and hard work. Read More...

New Trends in Qualitative Research, By: Sarah Greenberg

Being on the front lines, recruiters are often the first to detect new trends in qualitative research. One of the interesting trends to emerge in the past year is the increase in research in the business-to business sector. (Anyone who doubts that this sector has gradually been gaining momentum should consider the fact that recruiters are not the only ones to note that activity in this sector has heated up. For instance, Toronto-based IMRAC is sponsoring a day-long conference for business-to-business marketers and researchers at the Metro Conference Centre on September 30th.) Read More...


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